Benefits of Membership

The United States Black Belt Federation® was founded following the tenets, values, and even structure of the United States Karate Association (USKA) headed by O’Sensei Robert A Trias.

O’Sensei Trias gave his blessing to the Federation, even providing copies of all documents used by the USKA.  Up until O’Sensei’s  death and the inevitable dissolution of the USKA, most USBBF members were also USKA members.

Now after 50 years of existence and 30 years since the death of O’Sensei, the USBBF is proud of its role of continuing the spirit and traditions while working to help shape the future of Martial Arts.


* Affiliation with a long-standing Organization where Integrity, Honor, Discipline, Tradition, and History do matter.

* National and International recognition.

* Programs for Technical, Philosophical and Leadership Development in the Martial Arts. 

* A Network of Serious and Traditional Martial Artists and Organizations 

* High Quality Rank and Membership Certificates for USBBF Members. 

* A Responsible Promotion & Certification System for all Martial Artists. 

* Technical, Administrative & Communication Assistance for Students and Instructors of the Martial Arts. 

* High Quality Training Resources and Events. 

* A Professional, Informative and Exciting Website for all Martial Artists. 

* Instructor / Examiner Training and Certification. 

* A National Headquarters with "decentralized" Martial Arts Programs and Leadership. 

* Training Centers for expert training in both Traditional and Competitive Martial Arts. 

* And much more ...

Rank Recognition

You've worked for years and take pride in the rank you've earned.  The last thing you want is to think that the organization you're a member of is simply selling membership or worse - rank.
Every effort is taken to verify and validate ranks.  Membership documents show no mention of rank.  

A member can ask that their rank be recognized.  Unlike other groups we do not automatically accept ranks when accepting membership.  We do this to ensure we have the time to thoroughly vet information.

For students or instructors who are members of the USBBF, the USBBF rank system provides procedures for homologation, verification, and validation.
Homologation is the issuance of USBBF credentials for specific martial art rank possessed by a current member when that rank has been issued by a recognized martial art organization.
Validation is the examination of a current member to obtain USBBF credentials for a martial art rank issued by an unrecognized martial arts organization, or for which no credentials are possessed.  Validation is rare these days, but it does come into play.
Verification goes without saying and needs little explanation.  Gone are the days of long distance fees and long waits for mail deliveries.

Once an instructors rank has been accepted, his students ranks are automatically accepted within established guidelines.

Black Belt members without current instructors (independents) may work with the USBBF towards advancement.  Previous USBBF ranking boards have been conducted nationwide.

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School Recognition/Memberships are available to schools belonging to, owned, or operated by USBBF members.

We recognize that schools come in all shapes and sizes.  Many of the best lessons have been taught in back yards and parks.

No matter the setting, the USBBF insists on high standards and professional behavior for all our members and their schools.

The USBBF knows there are many schools that have superior skill and professionalism but do not have the recognition they deserve for their school, contribution to the art, and the role they play in the development of true Martial Artists.

School owners train hard and pour themselves into their teaching.  We are school owners as well and recognize the benefits that recognition can bring both in prestige, acceptance, potential financial gain, and longevity of the school.

As a USBBF recognized school, students may attend promoted seminars, tournaments, workshops, at discounted prices. 

Opportunities to train with Martial Artists of different styles and arts are available. 

Any products sold by USBBF can be purchased at a discounted price. 

When questions arise, recognized school owners can communicate directly with USBBF board members. 

If your working to build a legacy organization not only for yourself but your students as well, the USBBF is here to help. 

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